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Working closely together with you, our team of forward-thinking professionals –  spanning from design to implemantation – is dedicated to developing, producing and delivering projects that are detailed to perfection. By achieving extremely tight dimensions and excellent quality, we enable your product to enjoy a notably a great brand reputation. With ESSOR  you get perfection in every detail.

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“Probably only took about an hour to set up everything. It’s one of those systems that was very easy to train my staff and get them up and running. It’s really just an intuitive system.”

Chandigarh University Cafeterias

“Your software saved me so much time and money I suggest them to everybody that needs Point of Sale Software.”

World Food Center

“We have worked with several other P.O.S. systems over the years, and this is the friendliest, easiest to use program that we have seen.”

Tamzaraa Kafe & Club

“Switching to Ikonnect Point of Sale Software saved me time and money.”

Nukkad Dhabba

“Ikonnect Software makes running my club much easier than I would have imagined it could be. With the integrated guide and the ability to process things through the POS, it saves me both time and money. And if I ever have a question about the software, it is handled quickly and professionally by a real live person! I am so pleased to have  Ikonnect at my club and won’t be switching anytime soon.”

Hop Highway Club

“My club is using POS for years. And now that they can hold checks/tabs, it has become ‘perfect.’ I would recommend this system to anyone.”

Almas Lounge Club

“I’ve had people who also use Ikonnect come in and we rave about it together. And then they say, ‘It’s great because they pick up the phone, right?’. Something as simple as that level of customer service is great.”


“Very easy to use. Love that it is run through the Touch POS. Love that the sales can be tracked on a phone as well. What a great customer service!”

Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill

Very professional and experienced team. Really happy with my website. I would recommend Essor Technologies to everyone who want a great website and earn from online business.

Plus Point Entertainers