We at ESSOR TECHNOLOGIES work with removal of photo and video materials from the internet. We remove multimedia files from forums, blogs, social networks, video and photo hostings and other internet resources. Our professionals deal with any websites regardless of their location.

We follow the laws of ethics and believe that every person has the right to privacy and confidentiality on the Internet. Our prices are loyal, because our primary task is to help people.

Our job is to delete unwanted files that hinder our customers to live a normal life.

We follow the laws of ethics and believe that every person has the right to privacy and confidentiality on the Internet. Our prices are loyal, because first of all we are helping people.

Professional, legal and IT support allows us to delete photos quickly and efficiently. Our specialization is unique. The experience in photo removal process makes us the only effective company in this sphere.

We specialize on photos and videos as they can cause the most serious damage to the image of the person. We protect our clients in all possible ways.

We Delete Pictures

World Wide Web is full of new opportunities and ideas that certainly make life easier and more interesting. Today you have created a funny photo and tomorrow thousands of users will like it. Or dislike…

Suddenly, your privacy can be violated in awful manner. Today a huge number of photos and videos uploaded to the Internet every day. And among them there are also photos of you. Some unwanted pictures shoul be deleted immediately. They should be hidden from your children, friends or colleagues.

Problems of this kind require a professional approach. We believe that everybody should build his online image by his own. Our goal is to make the Internet a better place.

Privacy and Security

Our professionals will help to remove the negative pictures and video files from other sites. Internet poses a danger to the people for their personal privacy and security. Your privacy will be defended and you will have an opportunity to feel secured from cruel Internet world. We will create for you a new Internet image.

Here we hope to be helpful in struggle between small man and large corporations, struggle between man and evil man.

Working with Photos and Videos

The huge space of the Internet is full of a variety of different web sites that are created with one purpose – to attract attention. The most effective way to attract attention in the Internet – are photos and videos. They are attractive and easy to share. They are also not easy to remove off the web because sometimes the person actually doesn’t have any legal rights to remove her pictures.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for our customers to choose which pictures of them they want to see in the Internet and which – not.

Contact and Price

Price of removing starts from 25$ per day and depends on the complexity of work.

Terms of removal vary from 7 days to several weeks, it depends on the complexity and amount of unwanted photo or video files.

We are ready to analyze your problem. Contact us and we will respond in 6 hours.