ANDPOS is a powerful Android POS Solution for all kinds of businesses.

A great way to empower your business. From large format retail stores to small carts and kiosks, ANDPOS has all that you need to run your business like a breeze. Manage your Products, Inventory, Loyalty and CRM from a single location, anytime anywhere!

What makes ANDPOS so powerful?

ANDPOS is an all inclusive software for your store with a Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Reports and more in a simple and easy to use interface. ANDPOS works for Single and Multi Store Retail entities, Boutiques, Sports Stores, Cafes, Quick Service Restaurants and Delis.

Mobile POS
Bill your customers anywhere inside your store.

Inventory Management
Manage inventory in your outlets and warehouses effectively.

Built-in CRM / Loyalty program management.

Collect payment from customers using Cash, Card or Wallets.

Offers & Discounts
Manage the offers & discounts in all your outlets remotely.

Roles Management
Create customized profile & permissions as per your organization.

Point of Sale

Designed to Simplify
ANDPOS is designed to be simple with no training required to use it. The interface is intuitive and you can easily use all of its features. ANDPOS comes with an organised layout of your catalogue to reduce checkout time and keep your customers happy.

Smart Receipts, Reports & Reconciliation
ANDPOS lets you choose and customize your receipts and sends them over email and sms instantly. ANDPOS also helps you with your daily payment settlements, reconciliations and even assists you with your tax statements.

Manage your Inventory

Stock Control & Mapping
ANDPOS maps each item to your inventory and lets you create smart combos by picking and bundling multiple items together. ANDPOS pops up an alert when your stock level falls below a set threshold and helps you to replenish it.

Manage your Purchases & Transfers
ANDPOS manages your vendors and the entire purchase and procurement processes. It also lets you transfer inventory from your warehouse to the stores or between stores.

People First

Keep your Customers Close
ANDPOS optimizes your sales cycle around your customers. It identifies and gives you suggestions to ensure that you have happy and returning customers. ANDPOS lets you run campaigns and collect customer feedback.

And your Employees Closer
Employees are the key to your store’s success and ANDPOS makes them productive and satisfied. ANDPOS also lets you choose who has access to what data in your store.

Data & Reports

Access your Data in Real Time
ANDPOS is a cloud connected system with full offline capability, which means you get to access every data point in your store in real time from anywhere. ANDPOS has a detailed list of tailored store specific reports to give you insights on your sales, inventory, customers and employees.

Reports in your Inbox
ANDPOS ensures that your data reaches you through smart emails that give you real insights into your business operations. Daily email reports with sales data, weekly reports with sales and inventory information and a monthly store performance report helps you take the right steps towards growth.

Key Features


Mobile POS
Bill your customers anywhere inside your store.

Manage Products
A complete product management suite with SKU level information.

Taxes & Charges
Manage multiple taxes & charges directly from the app or cloud.

Offers & Discounts
Apply spot discounts or from a list of pre-defined discounts.

Refund your customers with ease. No need to manage refunds on paper.

Work Offline
Works seamlessly without internet. Syncs data with the server once online.

Multiple Locations
Maintains your chain level information. Adding a new store is hassle-free.

Split Payments
Split a payment into multiple parts, viz. Cash, Cards, Vouchers etc.

Multi Currency
QueueBuster™ is designed for the world. Supports all global currencies.

Open Bill
Create a fixed value invoice. Useful for variable price shops where product prices keep changing.

Open Item
Create an item on the go and apply taxes and charges. No new product is created in the system.

Hardware Integrations
Integrated with various Printers, Barcode Scanners & Fingerprint readers.


Stock In
Manage your inventory stock-ins at the store level directly from the app.

Stock Out
Inventory moving out of the system through sale or wastage.

Stock Transfer
Transfer your inventory from one store or warehouse to another.

Stock Validation
Update your inventory levels after physical stock validation.

Stock Requisition
Bulk stock-in of inventory at store level against a requisition number.

Maintain vendors from who you buy your stock. Invoicing included.

Stock Reports
Know everything about your inventory in real time.

Stock Notifications
Get notified whenever the stock reduces below a pre-defined level.


Customers Data
Maintain your customer information. Know your loyal customers through their spending pattern.

Rewards Program
Reward your loyal customers with redeemable bonus points everytime they make a purchase.

Direct Marketing
Send promotional Emails and SMS to your customers directly from your admin panel.


Accept payments in cash. Maintain change tendered as well.

All global options like VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, AMEX, RuPay etc.

Maintain payments collected via mobile wallets separately.

Accept vouchers, like Sodexo, Groupon or Zeta, as payment.

Cheque payments can be accepted.

No Charge
Charge nothing for orders you wish to provide for FREE.

Split Payments
Split a payment into multiple parts, viz. Cash, Cards, Vouchers etc.

Multi Currency
Designed for the world. Supports all global currencies.


List all your employees and maintain their profiles. There is NO limit on the number of employees you create.

Admins, Managers & Executives can be assigned different set of permissions to access the system.

Multi-store Access
Allow your employees to work accross multiple stores. Useful for brands who keep rotating their staff.


Cloud Dashboard
Cloud (Web) based admin console to manage your entire chain.

One Stop Shop
Manage each & every module of your chain from a single console itself.

Anytime Anywhere
Access your data anytime anywhere. Available round the year.

Exhaustive Reports
Set of comprehensive reports about products, taxes, inventory etc.

Bulk Uploads
No need to worry about your huge catalogue. We upload data in bulk using Excel/CSV.

Multi-format Downloads
Download almost everything in Excel, CSV or PDF format.

Trusted by smart businesses

ANDPOS is helping retailers deliver awesome service to their customers around the world. From small merchants to multi-store retailers, everyone loves using ANDPOS for their business!

ANDPOS for Retail

Redesigning the way you do business. 
Buy, Sell and Manage your store the redesigned way!

ANDPOS has a variety of tools to improve your sales, track and manage the inventory and ensures your customers are happy and return for more. It also automates mundane jobs, plugs holes in your business and helps you track your growth.


ANDPOS for Restaurants

Great Taste, Happy Customers, Growing Business
Simplify the way you sell food.

Source the perfect raw materials, get complete control on your quality, ensure consistency and innovation in taste to ensure your customers come back for more. ANDPOS helps you maintain your recipes, manages your replenishment, gets the best out of your vendors and keeps track of your numbers while giving you more time to spend with your customers.


And we do it all because we love to help smart businesses grow.